D-Link Router Default Login Password Lists


Forgot your D-Link router default login IP address, username or password ? here you can find everything you needed.

Gateway IP address: or http://dlinkrouter or http://dlinkrouter.local

Username: admin

Passwrod: Blank (nothing)

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D-Link Default Password List:
Devices Username Password IP Address
DGL-4500 Admin
DGL-5500 Admin
DHP-1320 Admin
DHP-1565 Admin
DI-514 admin
DI-524 admin
DI-604 admin
DI-614 admin
DI-624 admin
DI-624M admin
DI-624S admin
DI-634M admin
DI-704UP admin
DI-707 admin
DI-707P admin
DI-711 admin
DI-713 admin
DI-713P admin
DI-714 admin
DI-714P+ admin
DI-724GU Admin
DI-724U admin
DI-754 admin
DI-764 admin
DI-774 admin
DI-784 admin
DI-804 admin
DI-804HV admin
DI-804V admin
DI-808HV admin
DI-824VUP admin
DI-LB604 admin
DIR-130 admin
DIR-330 admin
DIR-412 Admin
DIR-450 admin
DIR-451 admin
DIR-501 admin
DIR-505 Admin
DIR-505L Admin
DIR-506L admin
DIR-515 admin
DIR-600 admin
DIR-600L admin
DIR-601 Admin
DIR-605 admin
DIR-605L admin
DIR-615 Admin
DIR-625 Admin
DIR-626L Admin
DIR-628 Admin
DIR-635 Admin
DIR-636L Admin
DIR-645 Admin
DIR-651 Admin
DIR-655 Admin
DIR-657 Admin
DIR-660 Admin
DIR-665 Admin
DIR-685 Admin
DIR-808L Admin
DIR-810L Admin
DIR-813 Admin
DIR-815 Admin
DIR-817LW Admin
DIR-818LW Admin
DIR-820L Admin
DIR-822 admin
DIR-825 Admin
DIR-826L Admin
DIR-827 Admin
DIR-830L admin
DIR-835 Admin
DIR-836L Admin
DIR-842 admin
DIR-850L admin
DIR-855 Admin
DIR-855L admin
DIR-857 Admin
DIR-859 Admin
DIR-860L admin
DIR-865L admin
DIR-866L admin
DIR-868L admin
DIR-878 admin
DIR-879 admin
DIR-880L Admin
DIR-882 admin
DIR-885L/R admin
DIR-890L/R Admin
DIR-895L/R Admin
DSR-1000 admin admin
DSR-1000N admin admin
DSR-250N admin admin
DSR-500 admin admin
DSR-500N admin admin
EBR-2310 admin
GO-RT-N300 Admin
KR-1 admin
TM-G5240 admin
WBR-1310 admin
WBR-2310 admin


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