Microsoft Office 2019

Release Date, Download, Install and System Requirements


Updated, Microsoft is releasing Office 2019 RTM for Windows and Mac today. Click here to download iso and install. (Version 1808, Build 16.0.10730.20102). Or Click here to Install Preview.

Microsoft has provided few details about Office 2019. We will update this article in real time. Now, we got this information.

Microsoft Office 2019

    "FFN": "ea4a4090-de26-49d7-93c1-91bff9e53fc3",
    "Order": 100,
    "AvailableBuild": "16.0.10921.20001",
    "ThrottleLevel": 1000,
    "LkgBuild": "16.0.10921.20001",
    "ExpiredBuilds": [
    "UpdatedTimeUtc": "2018-09-24T17:42:56.223",
    "OfficeTenantIds": [],
    "OfficeProductNames": [],
    "OfficeCultures": [],
    "OfficeBitness": [],
    "OsVersions": [],
    "IsDefault": true

Office 2019 RTM ISO Download:

  1. ( English, 3.3 GB)
  2. (Project, English, 3.3 GB)
  3. (Visio, English, 3.3 GB)
  1. (German, 3.27 GB)
  2. (Italian, 3.31 GB)
  3. (Spanish, 3.22 GB)
  4. (Chinese, 3.52 GB)
  5. (Portuguese, 3.19 GB)
  6. (Portuguese, Brazil, 3.2 GB)
  7. (French, 3.3 GB)
  8. (Czech, 3.2 GB)
  9. (Dutch, 3.2 GB)
  10. (Japanese, 3.4 GB)
  11. (Russian, 3.2 GB)
  12. ( Polish, 3.2 GB)
  13. (Indonesian, 3 GB)
  14. (Arabic (Saudi Arabia), 3.2 GB)
  15. (Turkish, 3.2 GB)
  16. (Chinese (Taiwan), 3.2 GB)
  17. (Korean, 3.3 GB)
  18. (Ukrainian, 3.2 GB)
  19. (Romanian , 3.1 GB)
  20. (Thai, 3.1 GB)
  21. (Hebrew, 3.2 GB)
  22. (Vietnamese, 3 GB)
  23. (Swedish, 3.3 GB)
  24. (Hungarian, 3.3 GB)
  25. (Greek, 3.2 GB)
  26. (Danish , 3.3 GB)

Click here to get your own language tag.

Office 2019 for Mac (10.12 or Higher): (1.68 GB)

It’s a .img file, double-click ProPlus2019Retail.img then double-click Office, select 32 or 64 bit to install

Microsoft Office 2019 RTM Install

Microsoft Office 2019 RTM

Microsoft Office 2019 Release Date:

According to Microsoft Office Blog, Office 2019 may release in the second half of 2018. Previews of the new products will start shipping mid-2018.

Microsoft Office 2019 will provide 5 years of mainstream support with 2 years of extended support

Office 2019 Preview 1806 ( Build 16.0.10217.20000) has been released on May 19.

Office 2019 System Requirements:

Big News, Windows 7/8.1 are no longer supported. Office 2019 will only run on Windows 10.

    1. Any supported Windows 10 SAC release
    2. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2018
    3. The next LTSC release of Windows Server

Microsoft Office 2019 Office Including:

  1. Apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Skype for Business
  2. Servers: Exchange, SharePoint and Skype for Business

Office 2019 apps will be released with Click-to-Run installation only. No MSI provided for Microsoft Office 2019 clients, but for Office Server products.

Office 2019 Preview Download & Install Way1:

Updated May 18, this is a easy way to Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019 Preview. (  via C2RReleaseData )

This is not the latest version if you use this method to install. However, you can update to the latest version after the installation is complete.

Download Office 2016 Deployment Tool (2.4MB)

Open ODT and extract it to Desktop

Edit the default configuration.xml

Copy this to configuration.xml and save it

  <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" DownloadPath ="">
    <Product ID="ProPlus2019Retail">
      <Language ID="MatchOS" />
    <Product ID="ProjectPro2019Retail">
      <Language ID="MatchOS" />
    <Product ID="VisioPro2019Retail">
      <Language ID="MatchOS" />
  <Updates UpdatePath="" />


  1. Language ID,  MatchOS means match your system language. You can also mark it as a specific language: <Language ID="en-us" /> <Language ID="de-de" /> <Language ID="ja-jp" />
  2. If you don’t want install Project and Visio, Delete
    <Product ID="ProjectPro2019Retail">
    <Language ID="MatchOS" />
    <Product ID="VisioPro2019Retail">
    <Language ID="MatchOS" />

Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019

Open CMD ( Click here to know how to Open Command Prompt)

Type: cd desktop  Press Enter

Type: setup.exe /configure configuration.xml Press Enter

Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019

Now, Office 2019 is Downloading and installing:

Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019


Office 2019 Install

How to update

Update Office 2019

Office 2019 Preview Download & Install Way2:

Need to do:

  1. Uninstall Microsoft Office 2016
  2. Windows 10 Installed (Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista are not supported ,See: Upgrade to Windows 10 for FFEE )

How to Download and Install office 2019 from C2R

Download all of them:


Download Office 2019, and stream.x64.en-us.dat are language packs, you can download any language pack.

For example (German):  (Check the Language ID here if you don’t know)


Office 2019 Language Pack

Create new folders on Desktop: Office > Data > 16.0.10217.20000

Copy and to Data

Copy the others to 16.0.10217.20000Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019 Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019

Download Office 2016 Deployment Tool (2.4MB), See More ODT Info on

Open ODT and extract it to Desktop

Edit the default configuration.xml

Copy this to configuration.xml and save it

  <Add SourcePath="C:\Users\Techhelpday\Desktop" Version="16.0.10217.20000" OfficeClientEdition="64">
    <Product ID="ProPlus2019Retail">
      <Language ID="MatchOS" />
  <Updates UpdatePath="" />

Important: Please replace the SourcePatch with your own patch

Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019

Install Office 2019, Visio 2019 and Project 2019 at the same time

Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019

Note: Change en-us to your own language tag.

Open CMD ( Click here to know how to Open Command Prompt)

Type: cd desktop  Press Enter

Type: setup.exe /configure configuration.xml Press Enter

Now, Office 2019 is installing:

Office 2019 Installing


Office 2019 Install

Microsoft Professional Plus 2019 Preview will be activated automatically, no product key needed.

BTW, you can get the latest version number of office 2019 from C2R (ea4a4090-de26-49d7-93c1-91bff9e53fc3).   Ctrl+F search it. “AvailableBuild” is the latest version.

Install Project or Visio 2019

  <Add SourcePath="C:\Users\Techhelpday\Desktop" Version="16.0.10217.20000" OfficeClientEdition="64">
    <Product ID="ProPlus2019Retail">
      <Language ID="MatchOS" />
    <Product ID="ProjectPro2019Retail">
      <Language ID="MatchOS" />
    <Product ID="VisioPro2019Retail">
      <Language ID="MatchOS" />
  <Updates UpdatePath="" />

Install Project or Visio 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 Preview Review:

Microsoft Office 2019Microsoft Office 2019Microsoft Office 2019 Microsoft Office 2019 Microsoft Office 2019Microsoft Office 2019 Microsoft Office 2019Microsoft Office 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 Price:

We don’t know yet, I think the price will be the same as office 2016.

Office 2016 (without a subscription)

  1. Office Home & Student 2016 for PC or Mac – $149.99
  2. Office Home & Business 2016 for PC or Mac – $229.99
  3. Office Professional 2016 for PC – $399.99

Office 365 ( with a subscription )

  1. Office 365 Home ( 5 users ) – $99.99/year or  $9.99/month
  2. Office 365 Personal ( only 1 user) – $69.99/year or  $6.99/month

Office 365 ProPlus system requirements:

  • Office 365 ProPlus will not be supported on Windows 10 SAC (Semi-Annual Channel).
  • Effective January 14, 2020, ProPlus will no longer be supported on the following versions of Windows.
    1. Any Windows 10 LTSC release
    2. Windows Server 2016 and older
    3. Windows 8.1 and older

Free Microsoft Office Apps Online:

Word Online:

Excel Onine:

PowerPoint :

Excel Viewer Download: Download SP1 (74.1 MB, this Pack must be installed at first),  Download SP2 (36.6 MB, then update to SP2 )

PowerPoint Viewer Download:  Click to Download (60.3 MB)

Free Microsoft Office Apps For Android:

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Excel:




Free Microsoft Office Apps For IOS:

Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Excel:




3 Free Office Software for PCs:

WPS Office 2016 ( Click to Download ( 64.91 MB )

OpenOffice (4.1.5): Click to Download (134 MB )

LibreOffice (6.0.2): Click to Download ( 261 MB )


  1. Hello there,
    I followed the instruction, but when I hit enter after typing the ‘setup.exe /configure configuration.xml’ on command prompt from the Desktop folder, I get the error that says, ‘We’re sorry, we had a problem installing Office program(s). Is your internet connection working? Do you have enough free space on your main drive?
    Please try again….Error Code: 0-1008 (0)”

    I have both INternet connection and more than sufficient drive space. What can I do get past this ?


  2. error here as well; redownloaded the files but still get the error when trying to install “we’re sorry, we can’t continue because we weren’t able to download a required file. please make sure you’re connected to the internet or connect to a different network, the try again” error code 30182-1015 (3)

  3. Hi,
    I’ve got the same error (We’re sorry, we had a problem installing Office program(s). Is your internet connection working? Do you have enough free space on your main drive?
    Please try again….Error Code: 0-1008 (0))
    Are there any ides how to fix it?

  4. Ironic – It seems that you need the Setup32.exe File in Data – then it would work.
    Copied it from O16 and it installs now 😀

    (Got the c2rfireflydata.xml , & stream.x64.x-none.dat.cobra too from your links)

  5. For me, all your steps worked fine. but I got office 365 installed. seems while downloading some dependency it have downloaded whole 365 not sure. Pls suggest

    • Hi Minesh, uninstall office 2016 or office 365 at the beginning, and keep UpdatePath in configuration.xml file. Otherwise, you will be upgraded to Office 2016 or Office 365 by Microsoft

    • Hi Aaron, you can download the latest version or download any version to install and then upgrade it. Microsoft is updating almost every day.

    • Hi Dimentio, add SourcePath to your XML file, I have updated it. BTW, I have updated the whole post, it’s a new office 2019 version, please note the version number

  6. Hi, New Version already? I get “…not able to download a required file…Error Code 30182-1015 (2)”.


  7. Thanks. The new XML file worked. I found a tool that made this extremely simplified. It is called Office C2R Install Lite v6.0.4 by Ratiborus on the You can select Office 2019, any addons like Project or Visio, and select Volume or retail. It automates everything through one-click.

  8. Hi Kim, doesn’t help; what’s wrong with my XML:

    Copied all files according to description into Folder Office on Desktop…

    • It works, I tested on 17655 few minutes ago. You need to replace the sourcepatch and version number with your own data.

  9. Hi Kim, unclear to me: is 16.0.9328.2000 still valid? As I cannot post the contents of my XML, I adjusted the path to “C:\Users\Jens\Desktop” and the language to “de-de” and kept the Version. But why do I get the error, that a file cannot be downloaded?

  10. My mistake. There was a typo error in my config file. The video helped me catch it and rectify.
    I was able to progress and complete the installation, finally!! Thanks a lot Kim. Feeling great 😀

  11. Hi guys, first i had no problems with the installation, thx to this nice tutorial.
    Second for the guys who wants always the newest Version of the Office 2019 Preview,
    in the moment its v16.0.10203.20002 and here comes the problem, if you use the C2R Download-Tool it cuts the last 2 diggits so you can´t download anything, so here are the Links:

    Download all of them:

    English Language

    German Language

    The rest to install it, is the same as above.


  12. I tried the same method you, recently explained Kim. But it say we weren’t able to download a required files.
    Error Code: 30182-1011 (2) . I had set the source path as well as the version number, but it is of no use. 🙁
    Please help to solve this issue.

    Cheers, Zack.

    • Hi Zack, 16.0.9328.2000 was released on 5/1/2018, you file date is 4/28/2018, they do not match. You need to modify the version number of XML code and folder name to 16.0.9321.2000 ( I think it is ), or delete all these files and re-download it.

    • Hey Zack,
      you have “” and “” in the DATA-folder because you have no pic of that folder and “configuration.xml” , “EULA” and “setup.exe” on the “Desktop” not in another folder?

      I had the same issue, but my fault was that i forget to change the path on another pc in the xml-file.


  13. Hi Zack, your fault is the wrong file or you named it wrong, it must be “” and not “”, if you think you downloaded the wrong file then download the right file again from above,after it, it will work.
    Because the xml-file is searching for 28 not an 21 in the name.


  14. Dear sir

    I’ve done as you said and everything worked fine, but when I launch any of the apps (Word, Excel, PP) it asks for a serial number or activation. Where did I go wrong? Is there anything to do?

  15. Hey Kim I am just going to do all the steps now to install this new version of Office 2019 preview.. So for those who are having problems in the installation, can you make a video so that we could get to know how to install and configure the patches. It will be much useful for me and others.

  16. A few suggestions:
    1) Before installing 2019 Preview with either method, use the Microsoft Office Removal Tool to completely remove all previous versions of office (Office 2007, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 365). This will give a cleaner un-install than by simply using the un-installation utility. . I didn’t do this the first time installing Preview but would if installing again.

    2) After running for a few days Outlook 2019 failed to start.
    Faulting application name: OUTLOOK.EXE, version: 16.0.10229.20000, time stamp: 0x5b0d820d
    Faulting module name: mso20win32client.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x5b0d77fb
    Exception code: 0x01483052
    Fault offset: 0x0016f9a8

    Would not start in Safe Mode, nor after Quick or Online repair, nor uninstall and reinstall.
    Used Microsoft Office Removal Tool to uninstall all of Office.
    Reinstalled Preview with setup.exe and applied updates.
    Outlook 2019 then started.
    Next day same Outlook Problem, so repeated Removal and Reinstall.
    Outlook starts now. See what happens tomorrow.
    Reported problem to MS.

    3) To simplify Preview reinstalls, created a desktop short cut to update.exe with target of
    C:\Users\Jim\Desktop\setup.exe /configure configuration.xml

  17. Hi, can anybody help me … I try the whole day to download the trial version Office 2019 / project 2019. I follow the video step by step … very good discription !!! but nothing. I think some version names will be changed in the last days … I attached some screenshots about my files and configuration … the old office 2016 will be deleted with a tool. I must some replys for the screenshots

    Thanks for help

    from Germany – Klaus

  18. Hi Kim, thank you very mutch for your prompt reply .. I try the way 1… at first i get an update on office 365 ? I change the account from the office to my privat … and do it again … Office 2019 preview download and installed .. but when I look for new or changed options ??? my special interest is Project and i can find no new options? Planing agile / kanban are not in the desktop avaible ? I make a screenshot from the Programm Information …

    And thanks for your support !!!


    • Hi Klaus

      You mean new features on Project 2019?

      I noticed that you have successfully installed and activated Project 2019.

  19. I tried first with 16.0.10217.20000 version and got errors downloading file (with method 1 and 2). Like other with v1 method it cannot find files. For v2 Method I tried downloaded v64_16.0.10203.20002 as suggested, but now get problem “Is your internet working – do you have enough space” (It is and I do).

    I have attached config XML. I have tried various paths and also with an without “UpdatePath” statement

    • Hey Cliff

      Way 1, Only ODT needed(Office 2016 Deployment Tool). it’s much simpler than way2.
      Way 2, you need to download all those Office 2019 files (Any version ), and keep all the steps in a same version number (Folder name, XML Code ). One little mistake will get an error.

      Try Way1.

      Way2, try 16.0.10217.20000 as I posted, step by step . Unless you know exactly what you are doing.

      Take more screenshots. (Files and Folders, the whole XML code and error)

  20. Hi Thanks. I firstly used the Office uninstall tool, even though I had removed Office. I then followed method 1, but still get an error. I have attached screenshots.

  21. I also tried Method 2 again with the 16.0.10217.20000 files as you suggested. It looked as if it was going to work, but I got an error “Sign in to setup Office” See screenshots

    • Way2, successfully installed but not activated?

      1. Try uninstall Office 2019 and reboot, then reinstall it again.

      2. Try install office 2016 or 2010, then uninstall-reboot-reinstall

      3. Big move, Reset your PC

  22. Cliff, have you tried my May 31, 2018 at 12:50 pm suggestion? Use the Microsoft Office Removal Tool to completely remove all previous versions of office (Office 2007, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 365). This will give a cleaner un-install than by simply using the un-installation utility. .

  23. I have tried clearing installation using office install. When I start Word I am told to login which I cancel. I then get first message telling me that there is a problem with applying the licence (see screenshot). If I try and repair I get the how do you want to activate message

    • Cliff, Not sure from you reply if you read my May 31, 2018 at 12:50 pm post. The downloadable Microsoft Office Removal Tool worked for me when all else failed. It completely removes all previous versions of office (Office 2007, Office 2013, Office 2016, Office 2019, and Office 365). It does a cleaner un-install than by simply using the un-installation utility. .

  24. When I try to install office through your commands or manually, it just says that it cannot find the compatible office products. Can you actually explain me how it can be resolved. Maybe the path link which is provided in the configuration file is not working. Please fix this as soon as possible. I have provided the screenshot below.

    1- I’ve installed as suggested with the new method through the CMD. Thanks to this website as otherwise I would NEVER have found out how to. Stupid Microsoft couldn’t they just release a standard setup like 99.99% people use?! I felt like if I was on 10 years old Linux system… Anyhow I first launched the install without any modification to the config file so it installed everything which I wasn’t happy about so I uninstalled everything, rebooted then I tryed again this time by following the instruction from here and modifying my “Configuration.xml” accordingly to remove all the useless crap from the huge Office suit.

    However it resinstalled EVERYTHING again! It did not install Project or Vision as those line were removed but it completely ignored all the “Exclude” lines, wtf?! I only want to use Excel and Word, so it makes no sense to clutter my SSD with 3.18Gb of apps I will never use.

    2- I kept the language as “Choose from OS” and I can see in the Add/Remove from Windows that even if I only have french OS, it installs “Fr-Fr” + “En-US”. I’m wondering if this significantly increase the installation size or almost nothing since it’s 2 different lines in the uninstall panel.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Alexandre, your XML code is right.

      Try way 2 offline installation.

        <Add OfficeClientEdition="64" DownloadPath ="">
          <Product ID="ProPlus2019Retail">
            <Language ID="fr-fr" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="PowerPoint" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Outlook" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="OneNote" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Access" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Publisher" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="OneDrive" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Groove" />
            <ExcludeApp ID="Lync" />
        <Updates UpdatePath="" />
    • Hey Nana, uninstall – reboot – install it again.

      Do not delete this code

      <Updates UpdatePath="" />
  26. Hello I installed it successfully. But theres one thing i want to ask. Does it activate automatically only if the previous version of Office is installed? It’s asking me for product key.

    • Hey Nocturnal

      Uninstall – Reboot – Reinstall

      Try to install and activate an old version (what you installed before), then uninstall it via Control Panel, do not uninstall it by Illegal tools.

      Then install Office 2019

      If it don’t work, reset my PC

  27. Dear Kim

    I’m using MSOffice 2019 a couple of months.
    From last week the menu bar started disappearing.
    The X close, minimize and restore buttons disappeared and today there’s only
    a gray bar where all the menus and buttons should be.
    As I type “alt” there show some yellow buttons with letters.
    I’m using Windows 10 PRO, insider preview, skip ahead build 18204.
    Thanks for any time you take
    Have a great Friday

  28. It is asking for activation else the product features will be disabled in another 4 days?
    This was working fine all these days.

  29. hi! I tried copying the code mentioned at the end of WAY II, and I ended up getting the error code 30182-1011 (3). How do I proceed now?
    I am not at all an avid programmer, though I followed all the steps very carefully I couldn’t get the error Out.

    Please Reply (

  30. Hay, now the latest version is 16.0.10801.20004.
    I feel that all links containing 16.0.10217.20000 shall be updated to 16.0.10801.20004.

  31. I get this error message on an hour old fresh install of Winows 10 Enterprise 1709 en-US without anything else installed. Using the “setup.exe /download configuration.xml” switch works for download. Same problem when installing from downloaded source (of course with an XML with local patch specified).

    Anyone who knows why? Can it be the latest version that has problem?

    “The following product(s) can´t be installed at the same time”



    • Boa noite amigo, poderia verificar se não existe algum aplicativo do Office antigo ainda instalado em sua máquina? Project ou visio 2016. Ou até mesmo o Office 2016, por exemplo. Pelo que sei, para instalar a versão mais nova deverá remover a mais antiga antes.

  32. I installed the English RTM ISO and when I check the Office programs it still says Professional Plus 2016? Build number is 16.0.10730.20102

  33. Hey Kim, I have installed MS Office 2019 but how to activate it? It’s being deactivated very soon. Thanks!
    Kindly elaborate the whole process.

  34. HELP… anyone download office 2019 proplus, visio pro 2019, project pro 2019 and make a SINGLE ISO file to install Office or visio or project 2019…… like i read in this article []

  35. hi Kim

    Today ms word app flashed a msg stating that some or most of the functionalities will stop working on some date in this month. I cant remember the date now, what after that? do i need to buy the full version?


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