How to Set Up a Home Wireless Router

Setting up a WiFi Router with a PC , Laptop or IOS & Android Devices.


Setting Up a Home Wireless Router is very easy for all of us. 3 Steps to complete the setting.

First of all, you need these:

  1. A Modem
  2. A Wireless Router
  3. A PPPoE account (including password ) from your ISP (Internet service provider)
  4. Maybe your ISP provides Dynamic or Static IP address for you, then you don’t need a PPPoE account
  5. A Device such as: PC, Macbook, Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone or Tablet

BTW: If you are not sure about these, call your ISP to confirm it.

And you need to figure out:

  1. The default Gateway IP address, Username and Password of your router (Usually, you can find these info at the back or bottom of your router.  Read More: How to get these information and How to Login a Router)
  2. The default Wireless Network Name (SSID) and Password (Network Key or PIN). Tips: Password is necessary, you can find the WiFi name (with a brand name) on your laptop or smartphone after you turn on the router.How to Set Up a Home Wireless Router

This is my Netgear Router. You can see all our needed information. Looking carefully on your router, turn the whole thing around so you can see it.

Step 1: Connect the Router, Modem and Computer

How to Set Up a Home Wireless Router

  1. Connect your Modem to the internet port (also called WAN port ) of the Router via an ethernet cable.
  2. Connect your computer to the Router (one of the four LAN ports). If you want to set up the router via WiFi (Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet), skip it.
  3. Turn on the power
  4. If you are not sure what you are doing, see this video: Netgear Router Official Video

Or this video: TP-link Router Official Video

Step 2: Login to The Router

You have got the default Gateway IP address, Username and Password of your router, and the power is on.

You can login to your router now, launch a web browser and type the Gateway IP address and press Enter.

Enter the username and password to log into the management page. If the password is not working, you can reset the router.

Login and set up a router via WiFi:

This method is very effective if you do not have a PC or Laptop. You can set up a router via iPhone and Android Phones directly.

How to reset a router:
  1. Find the reset button , it’s a small hole at the back of the router, turn the whole thing around so you can see it.
  2. Make sure your router is powered on
  3. Using a small pin press and hold down the reset buttom for at least 5 seconds ( maybe 10-15 seconds )
  4. Remove the power cable for few seconds
  5. Turn on the powser and waiting 60 seconds

How to reset a router

Common Default Router Login Passwords:

Gateway IP address: or or or or or

Username: admin

Passwrod: admin or password

Step 3: Router Setting

Different brands of routers have different management pages (UI), but the settings are the same.

If you are not sure, you can choose smart mode, let the router do it for you, just follow the prompt step by step.

Setup > Next > Next > Next. You know.

If your ISP provides Dynamic IP address , you don’t need to do anything.

If your ISP provides Static IP address, you need to type in the IP address.

If your ISP provides your a PPPoE account, you need to type in the account and password.

Router Setting

To check if you are connected to the internet, check the Router Status. Look at the IP Address field to see if you have a valid IP address. ( means failure)

check your WAN Status
  via: netgear, tp-link

Now, You have new 3-steps to do.

  1. Set up new wireless names and passwords ( 2.4G & 5G ).

Set up new wireless names and passwords ( 2.4G & 5G )

  1. Change the default router password.

Change the default router password,

  1. Check for updates, click check, and the router will detect upgrade automatically.

Check for updates 

Mac Address Clone:

Some ISPs require a specific MAC address for connection to the Internet. If you have connected to the Internet before, your ISP prevent you from going online with the new router. Then you need to clone the Mac address from the old device which you have connetced to the internet before (an old router or PC/Laptop).

If you don’t know the old Mac address, or you don’t want to trouble yourself. Call the ISP and let them unlock your broadband account.

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  • My Own Damn Internet
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